Terms & Conditions of Sales

Article 1 - This contract concerns the rental of a gîte or a guest room, made available to the tenants mentioned on the back of this document. This is accommodation in a character building (see detailed description of the composition of the accommodation and equipment below).

Article 2 - Duration of stay: The tenant signing this contract, concluded for a fixed period, may under no circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 3 - Conclusion of the contract: The reservation will be validated once the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 30% of the amount of the rental estimate, as well as a copy of this dated & signed contract. Payment of the deposit can be made either by Carte Bleue (directly from the electronic quote sent), or by bank transfer (IBAN: FR76 1220 6008 0056 0275 2280 239 and BIC Code: AGRIFRPP822), or by check payable to LA VALLEE DU LAUNAY . The balance will be paid by bank transfer no later than 24 hours before handing over the keys. The rental concluded between the parties to this deed cannot under any circumstances benefit, even partially, third parties, natural or legal persons, without the written agreement of the owner. Any violation of this last paragraph would be likely to result in the immediate termination of the rental at the fault of the tenant. The rental amount remains definitively acquired by the owner.

Article 4 - Cancellation by the tenant : Any cancellation must be notified to the owners as soon as possible, by e-mail AND telephone call .

a) cancellation before arrival at the premises:

No penalty applied if canceled 15 days before arrival. 50% penalty if canceled between 14 and 4 days, 100% beyond that.

If the tenant does not appear within 2 hours following the date and time of arrival indicated on the contract (i.e. between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on the day of arrival), this contract becomes void and the owner may dispose of his accommodation. without claiming any reimbursement from the tenant. In the event of absence of tenants, penalties will be due within 72 hours.

b) if the stay is shortened, or the arrival date postponed during the stay, by the tenant, the rental price remains with the owner. No refunds will be made.

Article 5 - Cancellation by the owner before arrival: The owner will refund to the tenant all amounts paid for the rental. This cancellation cannot give rise to any compensation for damages.

Cancellation during the stay: the owner will reimburse the tenant the remaining balance due in proportion to the remaining days. This refund will be effective within 7 days at the latest. In the event of cancellation of the stay by the tenant, the balance of the remaining days will remain with the owner. This cancellation cannot give rise to any compensation for damages.

Article 6 - Arrival: The tenant must arrive on the specified day, between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., time slot mentioned in this contract. In the event of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must notify the owner by telephone sufficiently in advance.

Article 7 – Electronic welcome booklet: the link https://notre.guide/lavalleedulaunay can be installed on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. The data shared in this guide is for informational purposes. The owner cannot be held responsible for errors in information disseminated with this medium.

Article 8 - Inventory: The state of cleanliness of the accommodation upon the tenant's arrival will be noted in the presence of the tenant when handing over the keys. Cleaning of the premises (except the guest room), in normal use, is the responsibility of the tenant. In the event of abnormal use of the premises, or exceptional dirt, the amount of cleaning costs will be re-invoiced to the tenant, by deduction from the deposit. Concerning gîtes, the ""end of stay cleaning"" option does not replace the regular maintenance of the accommodation during the stay by the tenants. End-of-stay cleaning involves: emptying the trash, emptying the dishwasher and putting away the dishes. Vacuum and wash the floors with a detergent. Wash sanitary facilities and toilets. Leave the bed linens in place.

Article 9 - Security deposit or deposit: On the arrival of the tenant, a security deposit, the amount of which is indicated on the front of this contract, is requested by the owner. After the contradictory establishment of the exit inventory, this deposit is returned, less the possible cost of restoring the premises if damage is noted. In the event of early departure (before the time mentioned in this contract) preventing the establishment of the inventory in the presence of the tenant, the security deposit is returned by the owner within a period not exceeding 10 days . In the event of damage noted after the tenants' departure, photos will be sent with the complaint.

Article 10 - Use of the premises: The tenant must ensure the peaceful nature of the rental and use it in accordance with the purpose of the premises. Parties are not authorized in the establishment, except with the agreement of the owners. Calm is requested between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. for the well-being of all.

Article 11 - Capacity: This contract is established for a maximum capacity of people. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity, the owner may refuse the additional people. Any modification or termination of the contract will be considered at the initiative of the customer. No refunds will be made.

Article 12 - Animals: This contract specifies whether or not the tenant can stay in the company of one or more domestic animal(s). In the event of non-compliance with this clause by the tenant, the owner may refuse the stay. In this case, no refund will be made. The tenant will ensure that the peace and quiet of vacationers in the area is respected. He will expressly ensure that the gîte's garden, the exterior of the estate and the surroundings of the hamlet of Launay are kept clean, as well as the interior of his accommodation. As such, the ""End of stay cleaning"" option will ultimately be included in the rental contract in the context of welcoming pets . The tenant will read the animal welcome charter, and undertakes to respect the points set out. Welcoming animals is possible with the agreement of the owners . A financial contribution will be requested per animal/week of presence. A deposit will be requested at the start of the stay and will be returned at the end of the stay if no damage is noted when the tenant leaves.

Article 13 - Insurance and stay cancellation insurance: The tenant is responsible for all damage arising from his fault. It is required to be insured, and to present proof upon request of the owners. The tenant can take out cancellation insurance offered when booking the accommodation. He will select the ""cancellation insurance"" option when paying by direct reservation, or by making a request to the owner who will be responsible for contacting the insurer. In this case, the contract will be sent directly by email. Payment for the insurance option will be made to the owner.

Article 14 - Payment of charges: for the Garance, Blandine gîtes and the Camille guest room: The charges for cold water, hot water, electricity, heating (19°C) and wifi are included in the rental price, for normal use. For the Morgane and Nolwenn gîtes, water and wifi charges are included in the rental price. Concerning electricity, 8KW/day is included in the rental price (Gîtes de France recommendation). Total electricity consumption will be determined at the end of the stay, by contradictory meter reading (beginning reading - end of stay reading). A total of 8KW per rental day will be deducted. The difference will be billed at €0.28/KW. This charge linked to the heating of the Morgane and Nolwenn gîtes will be invoiced only from November 1 to April 30 inclusive (generally noted at €40 to €60/week) . In the event of abnormal use, additional charges will be billed to the tenant.

Article 15: Slow charging of electric vehicles: a standard French power outlet is available on request in the private car park. A meter records energy consumption. This consumption will be billed at €0.35 including tax/KW.

Article 16 - Disputes: Any complaint relating to the rental will be handled by the competent court.