“Playful Exploration: Discover Our Educational Mini-Farm.”

The educational mini-farm: come and share sweet moments with the animals on site

Félix, the little goat , and Câline, the little goat , are real explorers full of curiosity! They love visits, always ready to brighten your day.

Hanzel, Gretel and LaSteph, the three adorable chickens , delight in happiness every time we bring them seeds to peck. Their little wings flap with excitement as you approach!

The undisputed star of our establishment is Oscar, the Coton de Tuléar . Its main mission? Play and ask for caresses. Expect to be greeted by his happy face as soon as you get out of your car!

Oscar is never alone, he is often accompanied by Sammy, a young British Highland female . These two are inseparable, bringing a touch of complicity to every moment.

Finally, discover Houna, an elegant Sacred female from Burma , sweet and affectionate. She found her place after being adopted at the St Malo SPA. Come share a tender moment with her!