“Must Visit: Your Regional Guide.”

Recommended visits less than 45 min. by car :

- BEACH ACCESSIBLE TO DOGS all year round: Tertre Pelé Beach in SAINT-BRIAC (25 min.)

  • In DINAN , just 5 minutes away, stroll through the streets of this medieval town, a poem steeped in history. Walk down Rue du Jerzual to the port, cross the stone bridge that resonates with the past.

  • In LEHON , 10 minutes away, treat yourself to a picnic along the Rance, with Saint-Magloire Abbey in the background, an immutable picture.

  • In SAINT-SULIAC , 20 minutes away, discover the elegance of the "most beautiful village in France" on the banks of the Rance, a painting that combines time and water.

  • In SAINT-MALO , 25 minutes away, stroll along the Sillon beach, walk the ramparts, and visit the boats of the Route du Rhum, a maritime odyssey.

  • In DINARD , 25 minutes away, stroll along "the moonlight stroll", with the sea at your feet, then linger to enjoy a coffee and a homemade chocolate crepe, a taste break.

  • In DOL de BRETAGNE , 20 minutes away, discover its historic city and reach Paris in less than 2 hours with the TGV, a temporal connection.

  • In COMBOURG , 30 minutes away, explore its charming castle, stroll in the adjoining park, then sit and meditate by the lake, a meditative stopover.

  • In CANCALE , 35 minutes away, an unmissable stroll to the oyster market, followed by a white wine tasting at the foot of the lighthouse, a maritime feast.

  • In SAINT-BRIAC , 25 minutes away, take a seat on the terrace of the Le Nessay hotel bar and savor the breathtaking view of the seafront, for a moment.

  • In SAINT-LUNAIRE , 20 minutes away, stroll along the sea and immerse yourself in its unmissable market, a marine symphony.

  • In LANCIEUX , 20 minutes away, a game of mini-golf along the beach, with the Ebihens archipelago in the background, a fun break.

  • In SAINT-JACUT de la MER , 25 minutes away, discover the magnificent peninsula facing the Ebihens archipelago, then have a coffee at Payotte, an island break.

  • In SAINT-CAST du GUILDO , 30 minutes away, explore the town, visit its castle and discover its unmissable beaches, a coastal getaway.

  • AT CAP FRÉHEL and FORT LA LATTE , 45 minutes away, take the GR34 between the cape and the fort, a poetic hike along the seafront.

  • AT MONT-SAINT-MICHEL, 45 minutes away, a must visit, don't forget to explore Mont Bay at low tide, ideally with a guide, a spellbinding experience.

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